Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pool Rummy

Did you know that Miss Victoria Maitland of England created a fifteen story card structure and attained the first record for card stacking in 1901?Over the years, playing cards have been used for many reasons apart from just playing cards. If you are a card game enthusiast, you would love to know about some fascinating uses of this plastic coated paper. During World War II, the American Government with collaboration with USPC manufactured a unique card, that when soaked into water used to peel apart. Inside the card, there used to be an escape plan for the American soldiers held in Germany.The inimitable uses of cards will never cease to surprise you.

4 Interesting Facts to Know about Playing Cards

Here are some interesting facts about cards that will boggle your senses. Even the traditional uses like playing pool rummy have been modernized in the online version.

1.      Fortune telling: In Astrology, the four suites of cards represent the four elements. Moreover, the 13 cards in each suit characterize 13 lunar months of a year. For instance,‘Hearts’ represent water and signify love, happiness, friendship and domestic concerns.‘Clubs’ signify fire, and denote success, business, competition, ambition and happiness.‘Diamonds’represent earth and indicate career, stability and money matters. Finally, ‘Spades’ symbolizeair, and depict wavering thoughts, gossips, challenges, secret message and downfalls.

2.      Creating Magic:Card manipulation technique is a branch of magical illusion created by the effects of sleight of hands and some smart tricks. Apart from many “I know your Card’ tricks, the enchantment has transformed to another levelsuch as the Spinning Card, Quicksilver Card Change and Rising Card. The best part is that you can easily learn these tricks online and impress people around you. 

3.      Playing rummy: The history of playing cards dates back to the 12th Century. Since then, the card game went through several many variations, such as,Indian Rummy, 13-card game, and pool rummy. Nowadays, you can play the different versionsonline, take part in pool rummytournaments, and even win cash prizes.

4.      An interesting prop in movies:  Can you imagine a James Bond movie without the use of playing cards?Many interesting plots in different movies have been depicted with the use of cards in a casino scene. From James Bond toHeath Ledger in Dark Knights, several interesting characters have used cards in the movies. 

There are several other interesting facts about playing cards. Knowing these facts is no less interesting than playing pool rummyonline.